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Post by Emily on Sun Dec 09, 2012 2:36 pm

Name: Emma Bennet
Age: Seventeen
Sex: Female
Race: Human
Home Planet: Earth
History: Emma grew up mostly in the United States, but grew sick of her family over the years. She felt worthless no matter how hard to she tried to prove otherwise, so she begged her parents to pay for her to become a foreign exchange student in England. The new found independence suited her better and she didn't have to deal with her old family every day.
Personality: Emma is shy and generally meek. She doesn't like to trouble people with her issues and will generally stay quiet unless it's life threatening. Once she becomes more comfortable with others, she is very friendly and likes to try to make people laugh. She is considered smart in subjects other than math, and before she left the United States, she was considered the smartest even at math due to her "oh so high quality" public high school. She can be fairly reserved no matter how close she is to a person, unless they try to pry/force her open. She is quicker to defend someone else but not as quick to defend herself.
Skills: Emma doesn't have many super-cool skills like the Time Lords, but she learns things pretty quickly.

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