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Basic Information


Name: Zelos Wilder

Meaning (If applicable):

Age: 22

Species (Human, Half-Elf, Elf or Dwarf): Human

Zelos Wilder Zelos




Hair (Color and style): Bright red, long and very wavy and curly.

Eyes: Blue.

Height: 5'10

Weight: Average.

Body Type (Scrawny, chunky, curvy, etc.): (seems a little muscular)

Describe their clothes (You can also describe their alternate costumes here):

Any distinguishing characteristics?:




Describe their personality here. The more details you have, the easier it will be to keep your OC in-character and acting like his/herself.




What town/city/village is your OC from?:

Do they still live there?:

If not, why?:

Which faction are they part of (Heroes, Cruxis/Desians, Renegades)?: Heroes

Who are their friends?: Talon, Arthur, Kiruozaki, Francis, Zelos, Kratos, Alika, etcetera.

Why are they friends?: They're working on the same side.

Who are their enemies?: Yggdrasill, Cruxis, Desians

Why are they enemies?: Cause they do bad things.

Crush (if they have one):

Why are they crushing on this person?:

Is there anyone crushing on your OC?:

Why is this person crushing on them?: n/a

Is your OC a Chosen (Only one Chosen can exist in each of the two worlds at a time)?: Yes.

If so, of which world?: Tethe'alla

How does your OC feel about the World Regeneration?: He does not want to have to go through it.

Is your OC an angel? If so, why?: Yes... or at least he will be, because he's the Chosen of Tethe'alla.

Does your OC use an exphere or Cruxis crystal?:

If so, how did they get it?:

How does your OC feel about expheres in general?:

How does your OC feel about half-elves?:

What are your OC’s goals?:

Is there anyone your OC looks up to/idolizes? Who and why?:

Is there anyone who looks up to/idolizes your OC? Who and why?:

Does your OC have any living relatives? If so, who?:

Give some details about their family members, living and dead:


Describe Their Past


Describe your OC’s past in as much detail as you feel is necessary.




Can your OC use magic?: Yes

If so, what kind (offensive, healing arts): Healing arts and offensive

What kind of weapon does your OC use?: Sword and shield

List all their spells or special attacks here:

Describe their Mystic Arte (if they have one, most are Japanese version only):

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