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Post by Emily on Sun Feb 26, 2012 10:23 pm

Name: Kirk "Kirkwell" Bryant
Age: 28
Birthdate: 9:02 Dragon Age
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Rogue
Specialization: Duelist/Ranger
Origin: N/A
Relationships: Straight
Family: Daughter
Likes: Runestones
Alignment: Neutral Evil

Kirk Bryant Ti2

Duelist: Dueling (100% chance of success), Upset Balance (75% chance of success), Keen Defense (60% chance of success), Pinpoint Strike (50% chance of success)
Ranger: Summon Wolf (55% chance of success), Summon Bear (45% chance of success), Summon Spider (35% chance of success), Master Ranger (100% chance of success)
Rogue Talents: 1 Stealth (10% chance of not being seen), Deft Hands (15% chance of not breaking locks)
Archery Talents: Melee Archer (65% chance of success), Aim, Defensive Fire
Armor: Leather
Weapons: Dagger, Bow and Arrow

Persuasive: 10%
Forcefulness: 30%
Convincing: 10%
Gullible: 50%

9:02 Dragon Age: Born to Tristram and Kerensa Bryant.

9:07 Dragon Age: Brother Redmund born.

9:08 Dragon Age: Kerensa is killed by templars.

9:10 Dragon Age: He gets his first knife from his father Tristram and begins starting 'duels' (more like fist fights) with other children in whatever village he was in.

9:15 Dragon Age: Tristram brings home Emma Bryant, his new younger sister.

9:19 Dragon Age: Younger sister Emma turns out to be a mage when she turns four years old, Tristram attempt to protect her from anyone finding out. Safford freaks out and leaves, and when templars come after Tristram, Kirk quickly takes Emma and flees to the North, Denerim.

9:30 Dragon Age: After spending the last 11 years in Denerim, Emma sets a templar on fire and gets taken away. Kirk follows the templars carefully, despite being injured, he makes it to Redcliffe before he gets any help. After that, he became lost.

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